QUARKS by Beth Haist

Thank you, Fiona
For pulling the ripcord
On my freefall–
I now have front view seats–
An aerial view
From the Great Lakes state

(this thing we all do)
A starburst of energy
Sprinkled with a little truth, a little light,
And heat-
Circa April 2020
Kleenex box ,

British Lesbian in the House-
Santa Monica online

Crossing the Pacific
Reaching the early dawns-
Of Australia, New Zealand,
Darting thru North America

-A spinning quasar of group chat-

Running to the North Atlantic
And Norweigan sea.
To the Bay of Biscay-
And the Black sea.
Down deep to the heart of
Africa, West & South.
Now up towards the
Gulf of Mexico–
Aerial acrobats from Amsterdam, Munich to the U.K.
Back & forth and up & down-
Walking in the
Good ‘ol U S of A,

So, Fionians
How far can you go
Based on guts & determination,
Intention &

Well, pretty damn far.

Thank you O’ Captain
As you say:
Expect the Unexpected–