NB Trigger warning: This poem contains content to do with child abuse that might be disturbing.

Thrown to the ground.
Held down.
Not a scream.
Is this just a dream?
I dare not fight.
His face is full of delight.
Now he is inside.
I cry out, a hand is applied.
Tears rolling down my face.
I try to escape to a better place.
I tell myself it will be over soon.
I wish, to this pain, I was immune.
I lay there quiet, try not to think.
Why did they choose me? What was the link?
I am too afraid to reveal who I am.
There would be too many questions, a frightening exam.
So quiet I stay with the protection of the tribe, Fiona and Siggie.
Maybe one day I will reveal who Rebecca is, but the thought makes me dizzy.