PERSEVERANCE by Kristi Kirby

Took a trip to the lake 

Unlocking combinations 

Breaking chains in my mind

The lake speaks of dead trees, dried limbs, scattered stones, and damp 


I lay my bones with blue skies above

The sunrise kisses my lips 

I feel some bliss 

I think about all the damage I’ve done

All by one

I cry out to God for forgiveness 

For strength 

I get on my knees 

Help me continue to find my true heart

Created in 73

Born in my eyes were jewels of 


A book of truthfulness and a heart


Then came dishonesty, mistakes, scars

A disregard 

Elevate me higher angels of light who

Whisper words of perseverance 

We get one shot 

This life is lived one time


Dealing with the our own ugliness

I find self-denial by the lake

I choose to make the balance 

Leaving scarcity behind 

And welcome an abundant 


By saying kind words 

Finding love in the little things

That sum up to new pleasant 


Some happy and some sad

Interested now in

Life’s honest duties

Loving myself and others