ONE KISS By Beth Haist

Kalamazoo Poetry festival April

I like her inflections-

Her voice
Sounds like waves and beaches, & campfires,

Her rasp clings to her surfer girl past--

* too many cigarettes , my friend adds
throwing yellow caution tape around my heart,
Igniting a
 whirlwind of deal breakers ...I interject !
Loud garish pronouncements I tell everyone,

Certainly, I need no more lessons in brokenness, 

2 Xes promenade
 Now in my head , 

 Though they seem so long ago,
barely a whisper in my synapses-

She likes my Yankee inflections , 
and her staccato rhythm like
An insistent blue jay begging for peanuts-

That breaks through again and again
Building a crescendo,

 on the horizon,
Should I let go and fall in?
Why not one last go? 

Letting her catch me,
In her capable hands

Maybe her heartsong is

A duet waiting for my legato accompaniment,

Transforming both our arrangements
For the better.