ODE TO WORDS by Annsofi Hjärtström

Words don’t come easy
They sing in that 80’s song
I love words
They help me making sense
Of the world
Of life
But words don’t always come easy
Sometimes they cannot
Be found at all
Sometimes they pour out of me
Like a waterfall
At times I get the taste of a word
But what I am really looking for
Is a completely different one
At some occasions words come out
Amazingly wrong
As if you stumble
And sometimes they get stuck
Even though being available
Some words are so difficult to say
Either because the letter construction
Is so complex
Or because they mean so much
Because of their strength
Their power
Their content
Sometimes the words coming
Directly from your heart
Or your soul
Are the hardest ones to say
Maybe because saying them
Can make your level of vulnerability
And make you lose control