Neptune and Jupiter by Terra Kay

Surrender to this hour
absorb and release the power
your call to service
through higher love
washes over you
activates within you

today begins a new cycle
keep your frequency high
aligned with spirit
fuller expression reaches wide
your personal state of the art
awakened quickened
it’s time to play your part

bring the ringing you hear
into the chakra of your heart
shift the focus
release hesitation
leave it behind
continue on in time
you are called to do
what you always knew
see this creation through
present what you have
bring your best
as you are able
to the planetary table

love and light shine through
everything you say
everything you do
whether you direct it
or try to repress it
the essence and energy
of the purity of you
cannot help but radiate
love flows to you
love emanates through you
it is everything
you were destined to do