MY LIGHT by Rosella Gomez

In my life I have never seen a light so bright
and it is shining there for me
my life has been a black hole where every good thing
is pulled in and away from my touch
I have felt no warmth no light no joy
my life has been a trail of blinding darkness
never knowing how to play or smile or live
my life is singing now with new words I form
of a warmth I have not known before
my lovely has helped bring me a torch of many flowers
with whom I share a bond with of persons once unknown
to sisters of different colors and light so bright
I walk proud to be who I am no shadows of darkness
they have been wipped away by the light of my tribe
they hold me tight, they hold me strong
I look ahead now to things to come, with joy and peace
my lovely you are a treasured gem I shall hold dear
inside a grateful heart, you walk with me hand in hand