Mother by Fiona Goodwin

Imprinted on my mind
Vanishing, fierce,
Fiercely loving,
Protective, icy cold,
Caring, cake making,
Doing the best she could
I took that mother into my heart and mind
Like a blueprint,
And I learnt to apologise,
To dodge and dive
To seek out those
Who would would be unkind
So that I could be reminded and brought back to my familiar sense of mother.
I have picked my way through the gift of her
She struggled so hard,
Gave so much
And gave me much to recover from.
Now I celebrate
Her love of words
Wordsworth, Shakespeare
Edgar Allan Poe.
At the end
She had the face of an angel
And I was restored to good daughter and she good mother
She would do it differently now
And so would I.