LIFE By Jackie Heckford

Nice walk on the beach with my little dog yesterday, plenty of thinking time….sat quietly when we were finished, tried to clear my mind, and a little voice asked what I was frightened of…..I really got quite emotional, so gave up and went home….I felt ……this is the beginning. I also did a lot of thinking about Tenzin, you and the tribe in general. I heard you say once didnt I …. when the pupil is ready, the teacher comes along. Tenzin is like a book with no text….she doesn’t need words does she, hearing about her actions when she is going through so much herself…..we all need to be like Tenzin dont we…..and yourself, you have brought so much to all of us in what you are doing…creating a safe space for everybody, people able to share their most heartfelt pain….a beautiful group of people together, holding one another and learning so much about ourselves along the way. Huge thank you, you will never ever know what it means.

Smell the coffee, watch the rain, feel the wind, feel the pain…
Smell the flowers, hear the song, follow the rainbow, sing along.
Watch the waves, hear the sea, dance with the grass, see the bees.
Take care of yourself, and go with the flow. Enjoy every minute be it fast or slow.