I had a zebra in my garden By Fiona GOODWIN

I had a zebra in my garden
And I didn’t know it
Each morning there were broken branches
Half chewed off hibiscus,
There were hoofprints
Where tender seedlings had been planted and watered with love
That should’ve been a clue
All was not well in paradise
I loved my garden
I lay in wait
I cried i prayed
I made it my business to close the gates each night.
A couple of people said
“You have a zebra in your garden!”
I laughed at them.
And in any case why would such an exotic gentle animal chose to eat my flowers?
My security system,
My cameras clearly needed a complete overhaul.
Luckily a friendly night watch woman used her night vision glasses
She saw movement against the black wrought iron railings
The next day she told me to paint the railings pink
I was desperate, so I humid her
And there was the zebra
It had been hiding in plain sight.
Never doubt that a small group of committed individuals can grow a garden or change the world
For Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has