HER STORY, HER GIFT by Rosella Gomez

Her eyes glow with wisdoms truth
Of lives lived in many forms many paths
She has walked a path of greatness
Seen many different things as well as felt
Stories yet untold to ears of wanting
Play your movie to the tribe of light
That we may feel the light of your path
You have walked many a miles path
On different ground many ney have been
And when we get a glimpse of her story
We sit in awe of the magnificent glow
That shines from your soul once hidden
You have much to say, as we wait in wonder
Of the next line of your paths truth whispers
Lessons to learn of freedoms light
Of a path trudged, for others to see
We all have our own journey to travel
That we may shine as the light of lights
From the gifts of her path she has shared with us
That we come to know, we to can overcome
And walk with freedoms glow as does she