Grasshopper // 2022 deep blue river musings @ Debbie Carrier

The greenest grasshopper
On a blade of grass
The woolly wiggly worm on a tilted oak branch
The ripples of time across the face of the deep
Practice Wonder with childlike eyes
Awaken to your oneness
Hear the higher call
Open the heart to receive
Arms outstretched
A deep deep well
How deep how deep does it go?
And round and round the merry go round
Lights flashing
Spaciousness is everlasting
A ruby throated hummingbird
A light being
Expand your circle
See the love
Bond with it
Drink in the birth of warmth and grace
Choose wonder
Be, a being of Joy!
Fall, fly sigh, cry
Be in the arms
Be carried
Follow your muse
Be like a child of wonder