“Every Day” by Jen Curry

Every day is a play.
A play on words.
A play on truth or lies.
A play that sways.
This way and then that way.

Every day is a new old script.
A script that depicts,
who goes, who stays,
between pages that lay
waiting for guidance
by idiots or sages.

Every day, films are edited.
Cellulose acetate reversed
and fast forward, repetitiously.
Clipped and spliced by razored edge.
Taped, bonded for a shortened versions of reality.
Deleting unnecessary moments,
From undesirable judgements, decisions
or indecisiveness.

Every day, more videos
and stuttering tic toc’s.
That gather their sheep
encouraging them to sleep.
After, jumping deep into complacency.
Setting the stage as a cage.
To capture all the rage