Power leaders fall on unwillingness to submit to the sincerity of it’s people , nor believed that organized aggregate preparedness was necessary.
  Virtually reality set in and this molecular beast settled in ever so quickly .
  Lockdown order felt like all was alone, detached from the world , and everyone in it.  No getting off the carousel.  Death took a mass of impoverished souls , aged souls and those whose health where impaired.
  Each petal of each rose weathered away. No nock or cranny could keep it from door to door.
This was a year and date with destiny.
  Hail oh philosphers, mystics , poets and healers.  God has blown his trumpet , we are at war.
  Bodies lye in wait for compassion,  dignity, love, respect, as they await death.  A billion souls rising to their eternal resting place .
   Sea worthy , land worthy, and sky worthy;  they hold hands as they leave this world to unite with all I know – Gods hand of grace and glory.
  ” And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught them “.  Mathew 14:31
  All that I know is his strenght, his love , and compassion for all that unite as one .  I and you will continue to follow in his light , his sword and sacred heart.
  Survive continue to cascade, with unexpected haste to face the beast . Characterized by emotions , continued fear of the intensity of a wild fire burning out of control.
  As jesus cared for the emotions of his disciples,  may we continue to pray ,  serve , and  be concerned for the people around us !
  In God I put my trust .