Congratulations on the One Year Anniversary of Corona Live Poetry Left Coast Lesbian Lunch Crying in Bed With Fiona Show by Laura Eris

Anyone who can recite that full title in less than five seconds without stuttering should get a prize. It can be a party game if we make it to P-Town in October.
I wasn’t yet a part of the Fionians on April 2nd, but I began seeing it daily (yes, every day) enthusiastically hailed in Patricia Ferrari-Behans posts. Being me at the time, I had given up any thought of ever having any love or joy in my life again. I ignored and played off anything that was touted or sounded wonderful, or spiritually healing and uplifting,
Oh shoot, I knew I would cry writing this. Between Patricia’s enthusiam and Bren’s coaxing I finally came to my first Live Poetry on April 26, 2020. It soon became an oasis from not only my self imposed isolation, but also the isolation of covid, and the rising hate, adversity and violence that seemed to never stop during that summer.
I have said it before and heard it from a few others in the Tribe that this experience saved their life. It did save mine. I thought about not waking up everynight I went to bed. From the first Corona Live Poetry was a place I could come every day for a reprieve from the sadness and despair I felt. This ‘thing’ the power it has that I feel still, every time we gather keeps me wanting more. The unconditional love and acceptance that the Fionians have for each sister builds those attributes in me. For my Sisters in the Tribe, and for myself
Love you all.

I think this will be the anniversary show poem? Right?