Boomerang by Jill Garcia

I am the light and the dark
Struggling in this spiritual fight.
Emotions take over , my mind races over and over.
Thoughts create reality. What reality am I trying to create?
I put love out into the world and like a boomerang I wait for it to come back too me.
Wondering out into the universe, it’s spins around till it’s found, stretching out its arms for whom it is bound.
Deep thinking, contemplating from all the energies it connects with , Till it settling like and old friend.
Positive thoughts trying to overcome the overthinking mind, leaves me blind and traveling to places I cannot find.
Thoughts of words come to me, but, I can’t find the way to articulate them.
Spinning out of control is this bad energy trying to take me down.
Working to rise above to experience unconditional abundance of love.