A NAMELESS FACE by Rosella Gomez

I have beome a nameless face
invisable to the human race
my tears are empty flowing streams
of backward foolish dreams
of trying to fit become like you
yet in all my attemps I am untrue
a faceless being in an empty land
of lonely beings with an empty hand
we walk along a darkend path of fears
never able to release our tears
of many bloody wounds hidden away
by secrets untold to keep me asray
when I was a child secrets were my life
so as to keep you from any strife
I live my life today in a different place
I wear a mask of respect not to hide my face
each day I breathe I pain thru many lessons
my choice to grow change thru many sessions
each new day the pain fades away with change
my life has become something to rearrange
to what I want what I like to become the me
that is becoming one that has become free
of all the scars that revealed to the world
of what this poor child had been hurled
into an abyss so deep so dark so endless
I felt unable to see my way out of this mess
not today, you gave me a light to show me the way out
and for that today and always I will out loud shout