10 SHADES OF GREY by Kristi Kirby

10 shades of grey loomed out the window bringing up agony of yesterday.

My happiness in the sun makes you angry?

You can call me every name and tell me about all my shame.

These terror attacks you forge on me trying to get them in my brain

Only blesses me and makes my will that much stronger.

My soul is thriving and I’m healing inside.

What is this purpose to bring me further down

To destroy all that is me?

It is exhausting flourishing through the muck and maintaining the justice deserved in my heart.

I’ve got to keep up the gain and not complain.

I was once trampled, drunk, and weak

A soul stained by abandonment, pain, untruths, and broken promises.

Doomed to be forever alone and poor in heart.

I cry out for love everyday to save me from the hurt to protect me from harm.

You will not break my spirit or crush my dreams

This light will shine again.

It already is flickering and no matter how hard you try to blow it out

I come back up for air breathing fire rising like a phoenix
Reincarnated flesh

Firing up the light.