Which one of these sentences is true?

Fiona Goodwin is an LA Based stand up comic who has appeared at The Comedy Store, Flappers, The Colony Theatre, and The Electric Lodge.

Fiona was a high school behaviour specialist on the TV show Britain’s Worst Teenager.

Ms. Goodwin was a missionary in Honduras, and once kissed a girl there in the jungle while wearing a Satan costume.

Goodwin has indulged in tea and scones in the Cotswolds, and “tea” in Peru.

Fiona Goodwin taught English to kindergarteners in Florence, Italy and there, fell in love with an Australian cellist.

Fiona enjoys cycling in France, eating churros in Nerja, fishing in Positano, and drinking Moet Chandon in Hollywood.

If you are wondering which one of these is the real Fiona, the answer is….

ALL of them. And they only represent a small sampling of the adventures and stories that have made up and marked the life of Fiona Goodwin.

And she is just getting started.

In her latest incarnation, she has gathered up all of these delicious moments and shaped them into a solo play that chronicles her spiritual, social, sexual, and psychological journey on the road to living comfortably in her skin and life as a gay woman. Currently, she is touring this play around the US, with a European tour soon to follow.